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This year is a year of celebration for the Japan-based production company, “FAR EAST SKATE NETWORK“. Started by OG Z-Boy, local Nakano legend turned world traveler & documenter Takahiro Morita in 1995, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of an enterprise whose most renowned output to this day has to be the 2008 “OVERGROUND BROADCASTING”, a...
The JPN PFC (Prize Fighter Cutlery) update !

The JPN PFC (Prize Fighter Cutlery) update !

Our friends over at the N.Y.C-based, D.I.Y-ran wheel company Prize Fighter Cutlery definitely haven’t been slacking in the recent past, for it is that not just one, but two brand new edits stemming from their latest bouts of effervescence were just put up online, gracing our screens and retinas in the process with, in this case, far...


(Cover photo by Henry Kingsford, other photos as captioned) _ Last week, the MINUIT staff had the great honor and pleasure to visit the Croatian part of the Istrian region, where the fifth edition of the yearly independent video & photo-promoting Vladimir Film Festival was taking place – namely in the cities of Pula &...
DOMINGO 2 - a film by Josh Roberts

DOMINGO 2 – a film by Josh Roberts

DOMINGO II – A Video by Josh Roberts Exploring skateboarding with like-minded individuals from Perth, Melbourne & San Francisco. Featuring: Alex Campbell, Ricky Watt, James Whineray, Casey Foley, Morgan Campbell & The SF Connection as well as friends & family. DVD AVAILABLE HERE  
Minuit Journal #1

Minuit Journal #1

  Check out the first edition of the Minuit Journal. This Minuit Journal #1 features 10 black-and-white printed pages with guest appearances by Masaki Ui, Charles Badi, Yoan Taillandier, Aymeric Nocus, Gaetan Salvignol & Santiago Sasson. Featuring the photography of Yoan Taillandier and Aymeric Nocus. 10 Pages, Black-and-white film photography, hand-finished.   URL: http://store.minuitaudiovisual.com/product/minuit-fanzine-1 BACK TO HOMEPAGE
Glen Fox Introduction Clip

Glen Fox Introduction Clip

Magenta Skateboards just released an online, insanely-paced introduction edit of our close friend from the Jersey Islands, Glen Fox. Glen has been around us for quite some time now, to the point where he eventually moved to Bordeaux for good last year – skate sessions have only been even more fun for everyone ever since. He quickly...
OG John Lucero & Matt Hensley itw's

OG John Lucero & Matt Hensley itw’s

Today is a great day for interviews ! If you are looking for some recent insight from the two skateboarding legendary innovators, Black Label owner John Lucero and late 1980′s / early 1990′s street skating pioneer Matt Hensley, Jenkem Magazine and the Ride Channel website respectively just tracked them down, and asked them a handful...
Masaki Ui "Postcard #3"

Masaki Ui “Postcard #3″

Check out MINUIT activist Masaki Ui‘s last edit “Postcard # 3″ ! Featuring a part of the Bordeaux scene through the prism of the VHS-C format. Enjoy !
Etnies "Osaka Nights" interview

Etnies “Osaka Nights” interview

Read the small interview concerning the making of “Osaka Nights” by our big friend Koichiro Uehara and Mike Manzoori! http://liveskateboardmedia.com/fr/article/dialogue-koichiro-uehara-mike-manzoori Enjoy! BACK TO HOMEPAGE
Sebastien Daurel Vice interview

Sebastien Daurel Vice interview

Our longtime friend, OG Powell-Peralta / Cliché rider and MINUIT activist Sebastien Daurel just got interviewed on the VICE website ! http://www.vice.com/fr/read/seb-daurel-bones-brigade-franais-oublie-909 Check it out ! Photos : David Manaud   BACK TO HOMEPAGE  
Hart's in Motion : The "Howard House" video review

Hart’s in Motion : The “Howard House” video review

(watch the video here, and read an in-depth interview on Richard’s website here !) In the case of legendary British expat, now San Francisco-based Richard Hart (just recently interviewed on the Magenta website here), it is hard to decide on whether the use of ”rumors” or “rumours” would be the most appropriate ; regardless of said spelling issue, it is a fact that some of...
"Howard House Video" trailer

“Howard House Video” trailer

Legendary British expat, now San Francisco-based photographer Richard Hart (also the owner of the Plaitford Productions website), has been sitting on unseen footage of timeless skaters such as Bobby Puleo, Ocean Howell, Nate Jones and more, for over a decade - dating back to the existence of the notorious Howard House, an iconic skate house synonymous with a classic...