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Hi8 TV (1997) - New old Puleo, Nieves, Thayer, Bautista

Hi8 TV (1997) – New old Puleo, Nieves, Thayer, Bautista

You might remember “IN ABSENTIA”, the closest thing to a full-length video comprising nothing but mid-1990′s Puleo, Pappalardo, Tim O’connor, Brian Wenning… self-proclaimed “B-roll” footage, published online in late 2014. Well, the same James Hodgson who originally brought us this “collector’s choice”-styled list of previously unseen webclips just dug even deeper through his crates to find another old...
Sleeping Horse #5

Sleeping Horse #5

Whatever you choose to do with the horse part, at least make sure you do not sleep on Bay Area activist John Lindsay‘s latest online video offering, consisting in no less than the newest installment of his series of web clips. “Sleeping Horse #5″ will get you pumped for the day and features the skating of no...
Timeless Bordeaux "Postcards"

Timeless Bordeaux “Postcards”

MINUIT AUDIOVISUAL ambassador Masaki Ui just uploaded his new video piece entitled “POSTCARD2″, a short edit featuring clips of many Bordeaux heads shot over the past couple of years on a 1982 VHS camera. The final result is inspiring – check it out ! As its title implies, “POSTCARD2″ is a sequel to the first “POSTCARD”...
Adrenalin Skateboards unreleased promo

Adrenalin Skateboards unreleased promo

One of the most recent installments of Thrasher‘s “Classics” webclip series made for an opportunity for the long-running skateboarding magazine to finally release this pure gem, a previously unseen Adrenalin Skateboards promo, featuring clips of many classic skaters such as Justin Strubing, Jon Miner, Hanzy Driscoll, Jaya Bonderov, Toad, Mike Rusczyk and Mike Manzoori, some of which were later diluted...
Hart's in Motion : The "Howard House" video review

Hart’s in Motion : The “Howard House” video review

(watch the video here, and read an in-depth interview on Richard’s website here !) In the case of legendary British expat, now San Francisco-based Richard Hart (just recently interviewed on the Magenta website here), it is hard to decide on whether the use of ”rumors” or “rumours” would be the most appropriate ; regardless of said spelling issue, it is a fact that some of...
"STRIC" by Mario Fanuko (Croatia)

“STRIC” by Mario Fanuko (Croatia)

Enjoy this new full-length video (20 mins) coming straight out the streets of Croatia, by local filmer (and great skateboarder himself) Mario Fanuko, aka. FEKI. The video features a great deal of youngsters taking inspiration from Minuit / Magenta, as well as many croatian OG rippers hereby immortalized doing their thing. Check out FEKI’s YouTube channel here for...
Connor Kammerer in "Tengu"

Connor Kammerer in “Tengu”

The following is NYC-based, Magenta Skateboards flow rider Connor Kammerer’s breakthrough section in one of the most anticipated independent DVD releases of 2013 : Colin Read (aka. the Mandible Claw)’s “Tengu : God of Mischief”. It is the first proper individual part of the video, and manages to instantly set the mood (after a two-minute...
"Not The New Venture Video"

“Not The New Venture Video”

Transworld went after OG Plan B-era filmer and skate archivist Jacob Rosenberg in order to retrieve a full VHS transfer tape of what was supposed to be, back in 1990 / 1991, the big, brand new video for Venture trucks. Needless to remind anyone that the company’s roster was then stacked with some of the...
Kien Lieu in "The Dreams of Children"

Kien Lieu in “The Dreams of Children”

Enjoy this incredible, yet criminally underrated video segment of Kien Lieu, aka. the legendary Donger, and witness him free flowing through San Diego, ollieing huge stuff along the way and pulling off incredibly long lines, all set to the best fitting type of soundtrack. A high-quality excerpt from the unofficial 1994 Transworld film “The Dreams of...
Source "ATOM"

Source “ATOM”

  “ATOM” is the first episode of a video project called “SOURCE” made by the great skater and filmer Ben Chadourne. BACK TO HOMEPAGE


Check out the latest edit of our friend, godfather of the japanese skateboarding scene and FESN / LIBE BRAND UNIVS head-in-chief, Takahiro Morita, entitled “CAMINO A SAN FRANCISCO”. Takahiro Morita is notably the man behind – amongst many other projects – the legendary skate video “Overground Broadcasting” (2008) which showcased the skills of skateboarders from...


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