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"HEAD CLEANER" | Alex Rose interview

“HEAD CLEANER” | Alex Rose interview

“HEAD CLEANER” exclusive trailer for MINUIT by Alex Rose “TennSkate contributor and effervescent filmer Alex Rose, of “Threads” fame, goes in depth about his new project “Headcleaner”, to be released this summer, on which he has been working on this year along with Matt Creasy, Chris Thiessen and Bryan Reynolds, which will feature footage of James Coleman,...
"Trilogy in Blois" | Aymeric Nocus interview

“Trilogy in Blois” | Aymeric Nocus interview

“Recounting your hometown, if done with sincerity, isn’t without implying the unveiling of a certain chunk of yourself – at least as far as your everyday habits and, in the context of skateboarding, your favorite spots are concerned, if anything. Although Aymeric wasn’t born in Blois, France, that is where skateboarding entered his life and took...