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The Threads Idea Vacuum is at it again ! After “Threads” (2014) & “Headcleaner” (2015), “Threadcleaner”, the third installment in Matt Creasy, Alex Rose & Chris Thiessen‘s video series, is right around the corner. It will feature the likes of David Clark, Jason Spivey, Nick Guertin & a The Vacation skateboards‘ debut section - among many,...
Marshall Nicholson's "JIVE" video review

Marshall Nicholson’s “JIVE” video review

We at MINUIT like to work with fellow independent filmmakers and promote under-the-mainstream-radar quality works as much as possible when we can find them. Thus, it was only a matter of time until we used this website to cast some light over Fort Myers, FL-based Marshall Nicholson’s skate films. Florida in general has always been...


This year is a year of celebration for the Japan-based production company, “FAR EAST SKATE NETWORK“. Started by OG Z-Boy, local Nakano legend turned world traveler & documenter Takahiro Morita in 1995, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of an enterprise whose most renowned output to this day has to be the 2008 “OVERGROUND BROADCASTING”, a...
The JPN PFC (Prize Fighter Cutlery) update !

The JPN PFC (Prize Fighter Cutlery) update !

Our friends over at the N.Y.C-based, D.I.Y-ran wheel company Prize Fighter Cutlery definitely haven’t been slacking in the recent past, for it is that not just one, but two brand new edits stemming from their latest bouts of effervescence were just put up online, gracing our screens and retinas in the process with, in this case, far...


(Cover photo by Henry Kingsford, other photos as captioned) _ Last week, the MINUIT staff had the great honor and pleasure to visit the Croatian part of the Istrian region, where the fifth edition of the yearly independent video & photo-promoting Vladimir Film Festival was taking place – namely in the cities of Pula &...
DOMINGO 2 - a film by Josh Roberts

DOMINGO 2 – a film by Josh Roberts

DOMINGO II – A Video by Josh Roberts Exploring skateboarding with like-minded individuals from Perth, Melbourne & San Francisco. Featuring: Alex Campbell, Ricky Watt, James Whineray, Casey Foley, Morgan Campbell & The SF Connection as well as friends & family. DVD AVAILABLE HERE  


“WARRIORS” Produced by : Far East Skate Network & Crosspoint Special Thanks : Magenta Skateboards, Minuit, GX-1000, Iwaki GoodTaste, Remilla Skaters : Takahiro Morita, Leo Valls, Soy Panday, Vivien Feil, Hiroto Takagi, Brian Delatorre, Yonnie Cruz, Jake Johnson Filmers : Yoan Taillandier, Shigeta Iha, Yuki Saitoh, Yoshiharu Yoshida, Indy, Takahiro Morita, GX-1000 Editor : Shigeta...
Glen Fox Introduction Clip

Glen Fox Introduction Clip

Magenta Skateboards just released an online, insanely-paced introduction edit of our close friend from the Jersey Islands, Glen Fox. Glen has been around us for quite some time now, to the point where he eventually moved to Bordeaux for good last year – skate sessions have only been even more fun for everyone ever since. He quickly...
Minuit - Night leaks - Masaki Ui

Minuit – Night leaks – Masaki Ui

Today, MINUIT is back with the first installment of a new series of webclips called “Night Leaks”. Stay tuned for more episodes coming to you very soon, as well as the next MINUIT full-length opus. Follow our effervescent activism on www.minuitaudiovisual.com under the form of various media output, MINUIT-branded garment, video- and text-based articles, and...
"In The Bity" & BRONZE update

“In The Bity” & BRONZE update

Check out this rad, raw N.Y.C montage by “Darcy Projects“, featuring a solid chunk of the BRONZE Hardware crew including Billy McFeely, Shawn Powers, Joseph Delgado, Kevin Tierney, Jason Byoun and more. On more BRONZE-related news, Peter Sidlauskas‘ latest full-length offering “***TRUST***” just dropped a few days ago. You can stream it below and check out...
James Coleman SPoT ITW

James Coleman SPoT ITW

Our buddy James Coleman just came through with this video interview for the Skatepark of Tampa website, discussing riding for Magenta, VX or HD, physically rolling down blocks (the accidental way) slamming while filming for GX1000, Tampa memories, Alex Rose’s “Threads” video and, last but not least, future projects, including the next MINUIT opus and the...
Kevin Rodrigues x Ben Chadourne for CONS

Kevin Rodrigues x Ben Chadourne for CONS

Our friends Kevin Rodrigues (skating) and Ben Chadourne (filming) just collaborated together, resulting in this new webclip for Converse. Kevin will have new footage in the next MINUIT project ; in the meantime, learn more about Ben Chadourne’s ongoing project “SOURCE” (in french) here ! BACK TO HOMEPAGE