The following is NYC-based, Magenta Skateboards flow rider Connor Kammerer’s breakthrough section in one of the most anticipated independent DVD releases of 2013 : Colin Read (aka. the Mandible Claw)’s “Tengu : God of Mischief”. It is the first proper individual part of the video, and manages to instantly set the mood (after a two-minute long intro of nothing but roof skating – yes, roof skating in NYC… which looks just as crazy as it sounds), due to it being all night clips, and edited to an original song performed by Connor himself and his cousin Tavo Carbone – which, by the way, totally rocks and you can download for free here.

You can purchase the full DVD straight from Colin here if you live in the US, or from the Magenta Skateboards website here if you live in Europe.

More sections of the video to be watched online here :

Roof skating intro

Subway section

Magenta SF connection