Magenta Skateboards just released an online, insanely-paced introduction edit of our close friend from the Jersey Islands, Glen Fox.

Glen has been around us for quite some time now, to the point where he eventually moved to Bordeaux for good last year – skate sessions have only been even more fun for everyone ever since. He quickly became everyone’s younger brother and, as a genuine, creative mind who naturally likes to divide his time between painting and skating, you can imagine how much of a treat he is to be around of.

This video introduction to Glen’s original style is nothing in comparison with the mind-blowing pairing of spontaneity and technical skills he never fails to demonstrate whenever he steps onto a skateboard. By definition, such constant free-form is the hardest type of expression to capture in a way that rightfully does it justice, so you will just have to take our word for it for now until you get to actually share a session or two with him and witness the magic in the flesh – which just might happen sooner that you think, seeing as another thing the Fox is working on is expanding his horizons to new lands, you know, travelling the world and whatnot.

As the hyperactive Bordeaux local he is – the embodiment of a true skate rat – you can expect to see much more of Glen in the upcoming, new MINUIT projects.

(Intro clip filmed by : Colin Read, Zach Chamberlin, Yoan Taillandier, Aymeric Nocus, Brian Reynolds, Luka Pinto & Dylan Powell)

Minuit skateboard audiovisual magenta skateboards Glen fox
Ph. : Yoan Taillandier