Legendary British expat, now San Francisco-based photographer Richard Hart (also the owner of the Plaitford Productions website), has been sitting on unseen footage of timeless skaters such as Bobby Puleo, Ocean Howell, Nate Jones and more, for over a decade - dating back to the existence of the notorious Howard House, an iconic skate house synonymous with a classic era of skateboarding in the City.

Richard recently got to finally edit everything together, and the results sound promising enough to make any true skate nerd’s mouth water, if anything at the thought of an unseen, full Ocean Howell part eventually surfacing.

Howard House video screenshots

Richard himself recalls and tells RideChannel :

“Howard House was a dark, dank cavern in a desolate corner of S.F. which lasted a few years—late ‘90s to early ‘00s—and many people lived there at some point, notably Doug Saenz, Kenny Reed, Paul Urich, Patrick O’Dell, Simon Evans, and more,” Hart told me via email after returning from a trip with Magenta to Tokyo.

“Those were messy times: in our 20s with few responsibilities and cheap rent. The house got pretty trashed—the fire escape collapsed at one [point]. The video, however, was all shot during mid-2003 to early 2004, when I got a little shitty camcorder with mini-death-lens for my camera bag. If i was shooting a photo and no one was filming, I’d hand it to someone.”

Ocean Howell - b/s 180 nosegrind 180 out the hard way, Barcelona, 2003. Previously published in SLAP. Photo : Richard Hart.

Ocean Howell – b/s 180 nosegrind 180 out the hard way, Barcelona, 2003. Photo : Richard Hart.

Now, here is an excerpt of him going more in-depth about the availability of the full-length, as taken from the Plaitford Productions website here :

You should be able to view it shortly, on t’interweb, but I had some copies made on DVD to accompany a zine of photos from the house and the era. The zines were hand-made in Paris and came out very nicely. So if you want to see a teenage Puleo or a passed-out Ocean having his face drawn on, you may want to get one. There were 150 copies made, of which LiveSkateboardMedia had half, some others are gone, and I had 50 copies with DVDs (now dwindling).

If you want to order one, email me first- not too many remain. But it should be $22 in US, $28 worldwide for zine and DVD.”

Watch the trailer here !