Josh Stewart Static 4 dvd -  static 4 dvd box set

Josh Stewart Static 4 dvd -  josh stewart 16mm filming

Josh Stewart Static 4 dvd -  josh stewart jhamal williams vx filming

Josh Stewart Static 4 dvd -  josh stewart 16mm camera

Josh Stewart Static 4 dvd - vivien feil & josh stewart

Josh Stewart Static 4 dvd - Quim Cadorna

Josh Stewart Static 4 dvd - Jhamal Williams Steve Brandi

Josh Stewart Static 4 dvd - premiere cinema

A Film by: Josh Stewart

Year: 2014

Length: 35minutes

Country: United States


Quim Cardona, Jahmal Williams, Vivien Feil, Ben Gore, Jimmy Lannon, Jake Johnson, Aaron Herrington, Mark Wetzel, Dustin Eggeling, Pat Stiener, Snowy, and many more!

Editor’s note:

Seven years in the making, the latest, and seemingly last installment of Josh Stewart’s “Static” series is finally available for underground skateboarding fans to purchase in DVD form. Josh has come a long way since the first “Static” video, which was released back in 2000 and already did a great job at showcasing incredible, yet low-key (on the mainstream radar) locals from Washington DC,  Tampa, Miami and more, most of which are now renowned legends, along with fresh parts from rippers such as Joel Meinholz, Jake Rupp, Paul Zitzer, Sean Mullendore and Forrest Kirby. In the meantime, he has become one of the key activists in the underground scene, through his unstoppable activity, notably by the means of his own website “Theories of Atlantis“, now one of the most solid distribution platforms for smaller-size companies and independent video work.

The “Static IV” box set happens to include not just one, but two DVD’s : one with the corresponding namesake video, with full parts for all the aforementioned skaters, and an extra disc with an equally-long (and equally high-quality) edit of fresh footage from even more different skaters, full parts and all ; albeit it has a more “montage-y” feel in comparison to the actual “Static IV” video, it doesn’t have to blush as far as the production and skating caliber is concerned and therefore qualifies as a whole new full-length project, well deserving of its title of “Static V”. That’s right, Josh actually made two videos in place of just one, thereby surprising his fans who had been anticipating his film for almost a decade already. This gesture alone should warrant a purchase of the box set, which, by the way, also comes with a beautifully-crafted booklet of photographs by Pep Kim and more. A very nice object and, in terms of skateboarding videos, an already well-established staple for the years to come.




Check out some of the parts online here:

Aaron Herrington’s part:

Jimmy Lannon’s part:

Jake Johnson’s part:

Yonnie Cruz’ part: