Our friend Josh Stewart – of Theories of Atlantis fame and longtime independent video contributor & director – has recently been putting up 10-minute long “webisodes” of raw footage from the filming of the third installment of his STATIC video series.

They are all a treat to watch & feature the classic STATIC line-up of skaters roaming around european cities such as Paris & London, and also locations less frequently covered by the mainstream skate media such as Israel.

Featured skaters include Nate Broussard, Pat Stiener, Seth Curtis, Joey Pressey, Will Harmon, Tony Manfre, Olly Todd, Vaughan Baker, Steve Brandi, Paul Shier, Nick Jensen, Bobby Puleo, Jack Sabback, Soy Panday, Vivien Feil, Kenny Hughes, Andrew Brophy, Rory Milanes, Charlie Young, Rob Mathieson, Alex Klein, James Edson and Daniel Kinloch.

Enjoy this recap, making for the closest thing to a perfect pre-skate motivational watch ! And don’t forget you can buy STATIC 4 & 5 in Europe from us just right here.