PFC Tokyo tour. Ray Knives photoPFC Tokyo tour. Ray Knives photo

Our friends over at the N.Y.C-based, D.I.Y-ran wheel company Prize Fighter Cutlery definitely haven’t been slacking in the recent past, for it is that not just one, but two brand new edits stemming from their latest bouts of effervescence were just put up online, gracing our screens and retinas in the process with, in this case, far eastern maneuvers aplenty.

Indeed, to start things off, the first of said clips happens to be a solid montage of their latest trip to Tokyo, Japan which took place last fall, featuring the skateboarding of Katsumi Minami, Akihiro Iida, Hiroki Muraoka, Shogo Teranishi, Leo Valls & Connor Kammerer, as well as guest appearances from Eby Ghafarian, Kenshiro Yagi, Masanori Uruma, Mikey Cheah, Yoshi da Yoshiharu, and the notoriously mysterious Toriotoko, all documented and presented under the form of a fine mix of HD & Super 8 shot by PFC owner, Ray Knives.

A few exclusive words from Ray about the trip :

“In Autumn 2014, some of the Prize Fighter family went to meet long distance friends in Tokyo and indulge in all the city has to offer. Some of our Tokyo friends we spent time with before, others were made over years of emails and a mutual love of skateboarding without ever meeting face to face.

I always say skateboarding (and music) are a universal language. As I walked out of airport customs, I heard a skateboard tail clack on the floor to get my attention and it was a friend I never met, Katsumi Minami, there to greet me.”
Leo Valls in Tokyo. Ray Knives photo

Leo Valls in Tokyo.

“The next week was a blur of reunions, introductions, adventures, art, chaos, skateboarding and revelry. The images and sounds in these documents hopefully provide a taste of our exploit and will urge you to embark on your own excursion.
Thank you : Uruma Masanori, Kukunochi, Katsumi Minami, Evisen Skateboards, Toriotoko, Jessamyn, VHSMAG, Joji Shimamoto, BCTION, Yuuki Morishita, Guru’s Cut & Stand, Takahiro Morita, Fat Bros, Foodeater, Shoko Ishida, Brenno & Sachi, and all friends new & old who were a part of this story.”

The second PFC montage to come out during this past week-end has been nothing less than Hiroki Muraoka‘s introduction webclip, filmed by Yoji Mizusawa and Katsumi Minami (of “Night Prowler” fame, among many others ; Minami also made the music for this clip).

As the viewer, you are in for a minute of great-looking original spots, fast flips, stylish ollies, smooth pushes and quick feet, including an insane ender. Enjoy !

Welcome to PFC Hiroki !

Welcome to PFC Hiroki !

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All photos by Ray Knives.
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