We at MINUIT like to work with fellow independent filmmakers and promote under-the-mainstream-radar quality works as much as possible when we can find them. Thus, it was only a matter of time until we used this website to cast some light over Fort Myers, FL-based Marshall Nicholson’s skate films.

minuit skateboard jive video marshall nicholson magenta theories florida

Marshall Nicholson.

Florida in general has always been strong of a solid skate scene - many original actors of which eventually moved on (& away) at some point in order to become more mainstream, real household names within our microcosm Рbe it under the form of a world-renowned pro, behind-the-scene activist / industry guy, or Рmore often than not Рa solid mixture of both.

In a way, the floridian soil seems to make for good grounds as far as breeding generations of motivated skateboarding enthusiasts very well determined to entertain themselves for good, consequently develop character and, quite possibly in the long run, grow wings large enough to fly up, away and onto further adventures wherever the hell the wind might take ‘em.

minuit audiovisual jimmy lannon skateboard nick zizzo jive

Jimmy Lannon. Ph. : Nick Zizzo

However, and just as importantly, Florida also seems to be way more than just a mere starting point, given how frequently most of the aforementioned characters seem to keep publicly cultivating a relationship with that place of upbringing of theirs, despite having moved onto other things (one of the most notorious examples being Josh Stewart, but there are more) Рor, even more noticeably once you start paying attention to the ongoing localism, how deep the love keeps running among those who stay(ed).

josh miller minuit audiovisual skateboard florida jive marshall nicholson theories

Josh Miller. Ph. : Nick Zizzo

Marshall Nicholson’s Florida-based work is a good portrayal of that, most recently exemplified by his “JIVE” video which we are about to cover for you.

minuit skateboard jive marshall nicholson florida georgia cali magenta theories

“JIVE” was mostly filmed in Florida & Georgia (with a handful of Cali clips) and notably features some rad footage of Josh Miller, James Coleman & Jimmy Lannon (who all get full parts) which makes it worth your attention for that alone ; but also worth noting are some guest appearances by Nick Zizzo, Nolan Blanchard, Frank Branca, Chuey, Dante Debose, Marshall himself, Daniel Frank, Jason Trettis & a couple of background thunderstorms who get thrown in the mix.

minuit jive review skateboard audiovisual magenta theories handplant

Jason Trettis, hand-assisted f/s boneless over the bar.

“JIVE” is roughly seven-minute long and is more of a straight-to-the-point piece with upbeat, concise editing (with a similar soundtrack to boot), & minimalist presentation (no fancy animations) besides the visual results of some skillful VX1000 movement and the great pairing of multiple long lens & fisheye shots.

In addition to Marshall’s filming, other contributors include the likes of Alex Rose & Bryan Reynolds (from the Threads Idea Vacuum), Christopher James, Dean Donnini, James Coleman, Nick Zizzo & Stephen Buggica.

james coleman marshall nicholson minuit magenta libe vx1000 jive video florida theories

James Coleman, ph. : Marshall Nicholson

As expected from those classic Florida heads, the skateboarding is top-notch and remarkably articulated around the local spots, most of which most mortals would barely even consider being spots to begin with (trucks, cars, trees, sculptures, houses), thereby underlining the locals’ bouts of creativity & emphasizing a certain “skate everything” vibe.

james coleman marshall nicholson minuit magenta libe vx1000 jive video florida theories

James Coleman, wallride to board tap on the gutter thing.

James Coleman particularly excels at exploiting odd pieces of street furniture from weird angles & in quirky ways ; then Jimmy Lannon gets the curtains with his trademark big pop, nosewheelie wizardry & contrasting lazy-looking style.

minuit skateboard skateboards jimmy lannon magenta car ride

Jimmy Lannon car hopping. Ph. : Nick Zizzo

All in all a solid, quick-paced, effervescent watch showcasing the abilities of creative individuals thereby documented on a terrain they look comfortable on, and familiar with, due to it being their breeding grounds ; the video also happens to be of just the right length to be of a convenient format for some last-minute motivational pre-session hype.

jimmy lannon nick zizzo marshall nicholson minuit magenta libe vx1000 jive video florida theories

Jimmy Lannon. Ph. : Nick Zizzo

In addition to the full, original thing, Marshall was nice enough to hook us up with the bonus re-edit of the video involving new footage, Super-8 film double angles & atmosphere shots and a totally fresh soundtrack – making for a completely different vibe ; an alternate montage that we might have the pleasure to showcase here on the MINUIT website soon… We’ll keep you updated.

Meanwhile, you can still purchase the DVD from the SkateparkOfTampa website, the Magenta website or straight from Marshall from his website. And see right below for a taste of Marshall’s latest video work, released just today : James Sayres’ welcome clip for Northern Co. Skateboards.

james coleman nick zizzo marshall nicholson minuit magenta libe vx1000 jive video florida theories

James Coleman, ph. : Nick Zizzo