To those of you familiar with the 2011 Magenta Skateboards offering “SF Hill Street Blues” (the first one, shot & edited by Yoan Taillandier), the name of Mike Lemnitzer might ring a bell. Originally a Minneapolis transplant, Mike lived and skated in the City for a few years, during which he happened to share a few skate moments with us.

Well, his friend Chris Burt (“North Coast”, “ATTN dfct”) just released his new video “THNKU” and Mike’s part happens to be the (first ?) one thrown online to advertise for the full thing on DVD.

Words from the filmmaker : “The video also features parts from Pat Gallaher, Andrew Ellison, Dalton Jones, TJ Moran, Jack Olson, Nathan Cameron & Julian Mejia. Runtime: 25 min.

DVD includes 45 min. of bonus footage as well as “It’s a Beautiful Day”, a video by Andrew Ellison, filmed on cell phones during the making of THNKU.

More details & order here !

(Cover photo : Mike Lemnitzer – f/s boardslide, SF, 2013. Photo : Evan Collisson.
Nabbed off the Sleeping Horse‘s website)