A couple of days ago & just prior to the first ever world premieres of the new Magenta Skateboards full-length video “Just Cruise” (filmed throughout the entirety of a summer 2014 marked by the Magenta “Meeting of Minds” event, which saw many characters from all around the globe converge toward Bordeaux for a while, accessorily resulting in heavy VX1000 abuse & 120+ tapes worth of footage), our friend & japanese skateboarding guru Takahiro Morita (subject of a recent write-up by us here) dropped a new edit online – making for an e-postcard of his visit.

Filmed by Yoan Taillandier, Zach Chamberlin & Morita himself, and edited to a J.A.K.A.M. soundtrack by Shigeta Iha, the clip – called “New Day” – is to be watched just here below !

That same “Meeting of Minds” 2014 Bordeaux event also made for an opportunity for all our friends to reunite with british expat, San Francisco-based, longtime skate photographer Richard Hart for a couple of weeks. A longtime Soy Panday & Vivien Feil acquaintance, Rich had already worked with Leo Valls & Ben Gore back in the “Old Woops New Groove” days and was therefore already familiar with a lot of the local faces.

richard hart takahiro morita aymeric nocus photo minuit audiovisual bordeaux just cruise magenta

Morita, Hart & some random frontflipper. Bordeaux, 2014, photo : Aymeric Nocus

Really, everyone stuck around for a while, and one of the first tangible projects stemming out of the whole promiscuous experience to ever be unveiled was the subsequent release of a Richard Hart guest board on Magenta last year. Read more about said board (and Rich’s SF skateboarding video archives) on our site in that older post here.

Now, Richard just got another guest board, on Mark Gonzales’ company Krooked this time & available in limited quantity at a select few skateshops. A promotional video & interview with Richard was just put up on the Krooked website as well, and you can also stream it just here below !

That summer of 2014 made for some interesting times for sure. Now, see you soon in Bordeaux for the premiere of “Just Cruise” (as well as Julien Januszkiewicz’s “Bordeaux Exposure 2″), scheduled for the 11th of December at Cinéma Utopia ; or if you won’t be around, follow Magenta for potential updates on new premieres you might get to catch even sooner than that in your area, as lots of them are getting set up as we speak !

(cover photo : Takahiro Morita & Yoan Taillandier
in Bordeaux, 2014, by Aymeric Nocus)