Transworld went after OG Plan B-era filmer and skate archivist Jacob Rosenberg in order to retrieve a full VHS transfer tape of what was supposed to be, back in 1990 / 1991, the big, brand new video for Venture trucks. Needless to remind anyone that the company’s roster was then stacked with some of the heaviest hitters from the era, including the likes of┬áCardiel, Speyer, Jason Adams, Greg Hunt, Scott Johnston, Bertino, Shiloh Greathouse, Shawn Mandoli, Spencer Fujimoto, Salman Agah, Jovontae Turner and a lot more. The project eventually got dropped, as major chunks of the footage (either brand new, or coming straight from the skater’s original, raw sponsor-me tapes) ended up having to be used in Dogtown’s “DTS the Video” or Think’s “Partners in Crime” instead – the hype behind board companies was especially prevalent at the time – therefore the concept of releasing a truck company video just slowly, naturally vanished into thin air.

24 years later, Jacob and Greg found a raw edit of what would have been the new Venture video (had it ever come out) and there it is, surfacing from oblivion, as close to its completed form as it was before the project was abandoned.

For the full story behind this video and an interview with former team manager Greg Carroll, please follow this link !