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Hart's in Motion : The "Howard House" video review

Hart’s in Motion : The “Howard House” video review

(watch the video here, and read an in-depth interview on Richard’s website here !) In the case of legendary British expat, now San Francisco-based Richard Hart (just recently interviewed on the Magenta website here), it is hard to decide on whether the use of ”rumors” or “rumours” would be the most appropriate ; regardless of said spelling issue, it is a fact that some of...
"Howard House Video" trailer

“Howard House Video” trailer

Legendary British expat, now San Francisco-based photographer Richard Hart (also the owner of the Plaitford Productions website), has been sitting on unseen footage of timeless skaters such as Bobby Puleo, Ocean Howell, Nate Jones and more, for over a decade - dating back to the existence of the notorious Howard House, an iconic skate house synonymous with a classic...