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Vivien Feil "Static IV" OG edit

Vivien Feil “Static IV” OG edit

CLICK ON THE PHOTO ABOVE TO WATCH THE PART. (Ph. : f/s 180 off the bump and over a NYC hydrant as shot by Jean Feil.) Kingpin Magazine just put up Josh Stewart‘s original edit of Magenta skateboards co-founder Vivien Feil‘s section in “STATIC IV”. Features a different song, many (many) new clips and a...
OG John Lucero & Matt Hensley itw's

OG John Lucero & Matt Hensley itw’s

Today is a great day for interviews ! If you are looking for some recent insight from the two skateboarding legendary innovators, Black Label owner John Lucero and late 1980′s / early 1990′s street skating pioneer Matt Hensley, Jenkem Magazine and the Ride Channel website respectively just tracked them down, and asked them a handful...
Sebastien Daurel Vice interview

Sebastien Daurel Vice interview

Our longtime friend, OG Powell-Peralta / Cliché rider and MINUIT activist Sebastien Daurel just got interviewed on the VICE website ! http://www.vice.com/fr/read/seb-daurel-bones-brigade-franais-oublie-909 Check it out ! Photos : David Manaud   BACK TO HOMEPAGE