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DOMINGO 2 - a film by Josh Roberts

DOMINGO 2 – a film by Josh Roberts

DOMINGO II – A Video by Josh Roberts Exploring skateboarding with like-minded individuals from Perth, Melbourne & San Francisco. Featuring: Alex Campbell, Ricky Watt, James Whineray, Casey Foley, Morgan Campbell & The SF Connection as well as friends & family. DVD AVAILABLE HERE  
Sleeping Horse #5

Sleeping Horse #5

Whatever you choose to do with the horse part, at least make sure you do not sleep on Bay Area activist John Lindsay‘s latest online video offering, consisting in no less than the newest installment of his series of web clips. “Sleeping Horse #5″ will get you pumped for the day and features the skating of no...
Hart's in Motion : The "Howard House" video review

Hart’s in Motion : The “Howard House” video review

(watch the video here, and read an in-depth interview on Richard’s website here !) In the case of legendary British expat, now San Francisco-based Richard Hart (just recently interviewed on the Magenta website here), it is hard to decide on whether the use of ”rumors” or “rumours” would be the most appropriate ; regardless of said spelling issue, it is a fact that some of...