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Timeless Bordeaux "Postcards"

Timeless Bordeaux “Postcards”

MINUIT AUDIOVISUAL ambassador Masaki Ui just uploaded his new video piece entitled “POSTCARD2″, a short edit featuring clips of many Bordeaux heads shot over the past couple of years on a 1982 VHS camera. The final result is inspiring – check it out ! As its title implies, “POSTCARD2″ is a sequel to the first “POSTCARD”...
Adrenalin Skateboards unreleased promo

Adrenalin Skateboards unreleased promo

One of the most recent installments of Thrasher‘s “Classics” webclip series made for an opportunity for the long-running skateboarding magazine to finally release this pure gem, a previously unseen Adrenalin Skateboards promo, featuring clips of many classic skaters such as Justin Strubing, Jon Miner, Hanzy Driscoll, Jaya Bonderov, Toad, Mike Rusczyk and Mike Manzoori, some of which were later diluted...
"STRIC" by Mario Fanuko (Croatia)

“STRIC” by Mario Fanuko (Croatia)

Enjoy this new full-length video (20 mins) coming straight out the streets of Croatia, by local filmer (and great skateboarder himself) Mario Fanuko, aka. FEKI. The video features a great deal of youngsters taking inspiration from Minuit / Magenta, as well as many croatian OG rippers hereby immortalized doing their thing. Check out FEKI’s YouTube channel here for...


  Check out the first installment of the Light Leaks series - our shorter audiovisual experiments. Cinematography by : Yoan Taillandier Original soundtrack by : Matias Elichabehere BACK TO HOMEPAGE