MINUIT AUDIOVISUAL ambassador Masaki Ui just uploaded his new video piece entitled “POSTCARD2″, a short edit featuring clips of many Bordeaux heads shot over the past couple of years on a 1982 VHS camera. The final result is inspiring – check it out !

As its title implies, “POSTCARD2″ is a sequel to the first “POSTCARD” clip which came out last year and was just as good - peep it !

Before the “POSTCARD” edits, Masaki had already contributed VHS clips to Aymeric Nocus‘ experimental Bordeaux scene video, “Msc. BX”, which you can watch below.

And last but not least, Bordeaux OG head Yoan Barroso just uploaded this hefty piece of nostalgia : a 15-minute long video of the 1995-ish Bordeaux scene and its representants doing what they do best at the now late, local skateboarding landmark at the time : MALRAUX. You can watch it below.

The video was filmed and edited by Nicolas Bridet, and features the likes of Serge De Freitas, Virgil Corre, Yoan Barroso, Willy Argo, Axel Gibon, Phil aka. Fifoune  Enkulgod, Cédric Skovron, Tom Penny, Polo Da Silva, Patrick Houngtry, MX, Julien Reversade, Tanguy George, Kevin Besset, Le Grand Tom and many more !

The medium is the message - come visit, and keep skateboarding timeless !

See you in Bordeaux !