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This year is a year of celebration for the Japan-based production company, “FAR EAST SKATE NETWORK“. Started by OG Z-Boy, local Nakano legend turned world traveler & documenter Takahiro Morita in 1995, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of an enterprise whose most renowned output to this day has to be...
DOMINGO 2 - a film by Josh Roberts

DOMINGO 2 – a film by Josh Roberts

DOMINGO II – A Video by Josh Roberts Exploring skateboarding with like-minded individuals from Perth, Melbourne & San Francisco. Featuring: Alex Campbell, Ricky Watt, James Whineray, Casey Foley, Morgan Campbell & The SF Connection as well as friends & family. DVD AVAILABLE HERE  
Minuit Journal #1

Minuit Journal #1

  Check out the first edition of the Minuit Journal. This Minuit Journal #1 features 10 black-and-white printed pages with guest appearances by Masaki Ui, Charles Badi, Yoan Taillandier, Aymeric Nocus, Gaetan Salvignol & Santiago Sasson. Featuring the photography of Yoan Taillandier and Aymeric Nocus. 10 Pages, Black-and-white film photography, hand-finished.   URL: http://store.minuitaudiovisual.com/product/minuit-fanzine-1 BACK...
Minuit - Night leaks - Masaki Ui

Minuit – Night leaks – Masaki Ui

Today, MINUIT is back with the first installment of a new series of webclips called “Night Leaks”. Stay tuned for more episodes coming to you very soon, as well as the next MINUIT full-length opus. Follow our effervescent activism on www.minuitaudiovisual.com under the form of various media output, MINUIT-branded garment,...


  Check out the first installment of the Light Leaks series - our shorter audiovisual experiments. Cinematography by : Yoan Taillandier Original soundtrack by : Matias Elichabehere BACK TO HOMEPAGE
Josh Stewart "STATIC IV" DVD

Josh Stewart “STATIC IV” DVD

JOSH STEWART’s { STATIC IV } DVD A Film by: Josh Stewart Year: 2014 Length: 35minutes Country: United States Featuring:  Quim Cardona, Jahmal Williams, Vivien Feil, Ben Gore, Jimmy Lannon, Jake Johnson, Aaron Herrington, Mark Wetzel, Dustin Eggeling, Pat Stiener, Snowy, and many more! Editor’s note: Seven years in the making, the latest, and seemingly last installment of Josh Stewart’s “Static” series...
Tightbooth Productions "LENZ 2" DVD

Tightbooth Productions “LENZ 2″ DVD

TIGHTBOOTH PRODUCTIONS’ { LENZ 2 } DVD   A Film by: Shinpei Ueno Year: 2014 Length: 90 minutes Country:  Japan Featuring:  Osaka section, Osaka section, Fukuoka section, France section, Koichiro Uehara, Seimi Miyahara, Osaka Daggers, One Peace Session chaos, Waum, Shun Hachimoto, Bridge, Illdance chaos, the Japanese Syndicate and many more ! Editor’s note:...
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“This video has been modified to fit a square peg into a round hole”. Given that this is a video by the Threads Idea Vacuum that we’re now discussing, and knowing their frequently experimental antics, one might be hard pressed to find a better disclaimer than this sentence, marking the screen for a split second...
"DOMINGO 2" - the Josh Roberts ITW

“DOMINGO 2″ – the Josh Roberts ITW

What better day than a sunday (“domingo” being the spanish word for “sunday”) to treat you with an exclusive Josh Roberts interview revolving around the recent release of his longtime-anticipated independent video “DOMINGO 2″ ? Perth-based australian author of not just the first (breakthrough) “DOMINGO” (2012), but also older local productions & filmer of Magenta’s...


Our buddy and Osaka-based “quick feet master” Koichiro Uehara (TBPR, Magenta, Etnies) just landed a new sponsor : U.S.E skateboard wheels. U.S.E stands for “Usual Skateboard Equipment” and just put up Koichiro’s “welcome” clip on YouTube for the whole world to see. Check it out below ! Film & edit : STONE-D Music : “Uprise”...
Josh Stewart's STATIC III raw tapes recap

Josh Stewart’s STATIC III raw tapes recap

Our friend Josh Stewart – of Theories of Atlantis fame and longtime independent video contributor & director – has recently been putting up 10-minute long “webisodes” of raw footage from the filming of the third installment of his STATIC video series. They are all a treat to watch & feature the classic STATIC line-up of...


(Cover photo by Henry Kingsford, other photos as captioned) _ Last week, the MINUIT staff had the great honor and pleasure to visit the Croatian part of the Istrian region, where the fifth edition of the yearly independent video & photo-promoting Vladimir Film Festival was taking place – namely in the cities of Pula &...
"HEAD CLEANER" | Alex Rose interview

“HEAD CLEANER” | Alex Rose interview

“HEAD CLEANER” exclusive trailer for MINUIT by Alex Rose “TennSkate contributor and effervescent filmer Alex Rose, of “Threads” fame, goes in depth about his new project “Headcleaner”, to be released this summer, on which he has been working on this year along with Matt Creasy, Chris Thiessen and Bryan Reynolds, which will feature footage of James Coleman,...
"In The Bity" & BRONZE update

“In The Bity” & BRONZE update

Check out this rad, raw N.Y.C montage by “Darcy Projects“, featuring a solid chunk of the BRONZE Hardware crew including Billy McFeely, Shawn Powers, Joseph Delgado, Kevin Tierney, Jason Byoun and more. On more BRONZE-related news, Peter Sidlauskas‘ latest full-length offering “***TRUST***” just dropped a few days ago. You can stream it below and check out...
James Coleman SPoT ITW

James Coleman SPoT ITW

Our buddy James Coleman just came through with this video interview for the Skatepark of Tampa website, discussing riding for Magenta, VX or HD, physically rolling down blocks (the accidental way) slamming while filming for GX1000, Tampa memories, Alex Rose’s “Threads” video and, last but not least, future projects, including the next MINUIT opus and the...
Kevin Rodrigues x Ben Chadourne for CONS

Kevin Rodrigues x Ben Chadourne for CONS

Our friends Kevin Rodrigues (skating) and Ben Chadourne (filming) just collaborated together, resulting in this new webclip for Converse. Kevin will have new footage in the next MINUIT project ; in the meantime, learn more about Ben Chadourne’s ongoing project “SOURCE” (in french) here ! BACK TO HOMEPAGE
John Trippe 1997-1999 VHS logs archive

John Trippe 1997-1999 VHS logs archive

Includes rarely- or un-seen footage of the likes of Cairo Foster, Ocean Howell, Rob Welsh, Alex Castaneda, Pat Smith, Shawn Connoly, Dave Coyne, Pat O’Dell, Justin Strubing, Ricky Oyola, Diego Bucchieri… Words from the man – of SLAP Mag and Fecal Face fame – himself : “I used to film skateboarding in San Francisco during...
SEAN MULLENDORE 1994-1997 video archive

SEAN MULLENDORE 1994-1997 video archive

Our colleagues over at the Magenta office recently re-posted this gem of a clip on their Facebook page : “[...] a small look into the video archive of Sean Mullendore from April 1994 – Sept. 1997″. The duration of the clip makes for a perfect pre-session quick watch and all those plaza lines at Pulaski, magnificently...
OG John Lucero & Matt Hensley itw's

OG John Lucero & Matt Hensley itw’s

Today is a great day for interviews ! If you are looking for some recent insight from the two skateboarding legendary innovators, Black Label owner John Lucero and late 1980′s / early 1990′s street skating pioneer Matt Hensley, Jenkem Magazine and the Ride Channel website respectively just tracked them down, and asked them a handful...
Masaki Ui "Postcard #3"

Masaki Ui “Postcard #3″

Check out MINUIT activist Masaki Ui‘s last edit “Postcard # 3″ ! Featuring a part of the Bordeaux scene through the prism of the VHS-C format. Enjoy !
Etnies "Osaka Nights" interview

Etnies “Osaka Nights” interview

Read the small interview concerning the making of “Osaka Nights” by our big friend Koichiro Uehara and Mike Manzoori! http://liveskateboardmedia.com/fr/article/dialogue-koichiro-uehara-mike-manzoori Enjoy! BACK TO HOMEPAGE
Sebastien Daurel Vice interview

Sebastien Daurel Vice interview

Our longtime friend, OG Powell-Peralta / Cliché rider and MINUIT activist Sebastien Daurel just got interviewed on the VICE website ! http://www.vice.com/fr/read/seb-daurel-bones-brigade-franais-oublie-909 Check it out ! Photos : David Manaud   BACK TO HOMEPAGE  
FESN New Year's Card 2015

FESN New Year’s Card 2015

FESN New Year’s Card 2015 | FESN Our good friend from Japan, FESN / LIBE owner and overall skateboarding audiovisual mastermind Takahiro Morita just sent us his greetings for 2015, under the form of a short video compilation of his latest adventures, also making for a teaser of new material to come ! Enjoy ! Bordeaux local and MINUIT...
France Jam Capsule #1

France Jam Capsule #1

Get inspired before going skating today, by checking out the new Magenta Skateboards edit “La Capsule Magenta – France Jam #1″ below ! Reintroducing the “Capsule” series of web edits with the crew skating through France. Filmed by Zach Chamberlin Additional filming : Jean Feil, Yoan Taillandier, Colin Read Edited by Vivien Feil BACK TO HOMEPAGE...
"Trilogy in Blois" | Aymeric Nocus interview

“Trilogy in Blois” | Aymeric Nocus interview

“Recounting your hometown, if done with sincerity, isn’t without implying the unveiling of a certain chunk of yourself – at least as far as your everyday habits and, in the context of skateboarding, your favorite spots are concerned, if anything. Although Aymeric wasn’t born in Blois, France, that is where skateboarding entered his life and took...
Hi8 TV (1997) - New old Puleo, Nieves, Thayer, Bautista

Hi8 TV (1997) – New old Puleo, Nieves, Thayer, Bautista

You might remember “IN ABSENTIA”, the closest thing to a full-length video comprising nothing but mid-1990′s Puleo, Pappalardo, Tim O’connor, Brian Wenning… self-proclaimed “B-roll” footage, published online in late 2014. Well, the same James Hodgson who originally brought us this “collector’s choice”-styled list of previously unseen webclips just dug even deeper through his crates to find another old...
Sleeping Horse #5

Sleeping Horse #5

Whatever you choose to do with the horse part, at least make sure you do not sleep on Bay Area activist John Lindsay‘s latest online video offering, consisting in no less than the newest installment of his series of web clips. “Sleeping Horse #5″ will get you pumped for the day and features the skating of no...
Kicks | Vâhana EP (w/ Rondenion)

Kicks | Vâhana EP (w/ Rondenion)

Hey hey ! Our musician friend KiCkS (see the ‘Music‘ subsection of the ‘MINUIT Exp.’ part of our site) just released a new piece ! Under the form of a split record with Japanese producer and DJ Rondenion, out on CrackiRecords (vinyl 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM). You can buy it now from our online store,...
"Not The New Venture Video"

“Not The New Venture Video”

Transworld went after OG Plan B-era filmer and skate archivist Jacob Rosenberg in order to retrieve a full VHS transfer tape of what was supposed to be, back in 1990 / 1991, the big, brand new video for Venture trucks. Needless to remind anyone that the company’s roster was then stacked with some of the...
Kien Lieu in "The Dreams of Children"

Kien Lieu in “The Dreams of Children”

Enjoy this incredible, yet criminally underrated video segment of Kien Lieu, aka. the legendary Donger, and witness him free flowing through San Diego, ollieing huge stuff along the way and pulling off incredibly long lines, all set to the best fitting type of soundtrack. A high-quality excerpt from the unofficial 1994 Transworld film “The Dreams of...


The Threads Idea Vacuum is at it again ! After “Threads” (2014) & “Headcleaner” (2015), “Threadcleaner”, the third installment in Matt Creasy, Alex Rose & Chris Thiessen‘s video series, is right around the corner. It will feature the likes of David Clark, Jason Spivey, Nick Guertin & a The Vacation skateboards‘ debut section - among many,...
Marshall Nicholson's "JIVE" video review

Marshall Nicholson’s “JIVE” video review

We at MINUIT like to work with fellow independent filmmakers and promote under-the-mainstream-radar quality works as much as possible when we can find them. Thus, it was only a matter of time until we used this website to cast some light over Fort Myers, FL-based Marshall Nicholson’s skate films. Florida in general has always been...
FESN in Bordeaux & Richard Hart ITW

FESN in Bordeaux & Richard Hart ITW

A couple of days ago & just prior to the first ever world premieres of the new Magenta Skateboards full-length video “Just Cruise” (filmed throughout the entirety of a summer 2014 marked by the Magenta “Meeting of Minds” event, which saw many characters from all around the globe converge toward Bordeaux for a while, accessorily...
The JPN PFC (Prize Fighter Cutlery) update !

The JPN PFC (Prize Fighter Cutlery) update !

Our friends over at the N.Y.C-based, D.I.Y-ran wheel company Prize Fighter Cutlery definitely haven’t been slacking in the recent past, for it is that not just one, but two brand new edits stemming from their latest bouts of effervescence were just put up online, gracing our screens and retinas in the process with, in this case, far...
Mike Lemnitzer in THNKU

Mike Lemnitzer in THNKU

To those of you familiar with the 2011 Magenta Skateboards offering “SF Hill Street Blues” (the first one, shot & edited by Yoan Taillandier), the name of Mike Lemnitzer might ring a bell. Originally a Minneapolis transplant, Mike lived and skated in the City for a few years, during which he happened to share a...


Our friend Julien Januszkiewicz just released the trailer for his new personal project, “Bordeaux Exposure 2″, on which he has been working for the past two years and will comprise footage of skateboarding in and around Bordeaux obviously but also Montpellier, Geneva, San Francisco, Milan, Paris & Lyon. “Filmed & edited by Julien Januszkiewicz Coming...
MINUIT @ Vladimir Film Festival 2015

MINUIT @ Vladimir Film Festival 2015

A considerable chunk of the MINUIT staff will be attending the fifth edition of the yearly VLADIMIR FILM FESTIVAL in Fažana & Pula, Croatia, this 18th & 19th of September, among many quality guests from all over the world. CLICK HERE for the full program of this edition or see below for a summary !...